Maktub Soundsgood

Immerse yourself in the ultimate festival experience with Maktub Soundsgood. Every year we celebrate Maktub Pub anniversary by bringing you a hand picked selection of Artists from around the world, to Paúl do Mar, Madeira Island.

About the Festival

A day to celebrate with Friends

Throughout the years, Maktub Soundsgood Festival in Paúl do Mar has evolved, from an annual anniversary celebration, into an ultimate reggae and world music event. The festival unites local and international artists, embodying the vibrant spirit of reggae in a breathtaking seaside backdrop.

Maktub Soundsgood offers more than music. It’s a memorable experience of unity, love, and cultural diversity. Join us and become part of our growing reggae community.

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Our Past Editions

History of Maktub Soundsgood Festival

Take a stroll down memory lane and relive the magical past editions of the Maktub Soundsgood Festival.

May 6th

May 4th

May 5th

May 6th

May 7th

May 2nd

May 3rd

May 4th

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Organized by Maktub Pub

From Paúl do Mar to the World

The Maktub Soundsgood festival is proudly organized by the Maktub Pub. Below you can find our contacts and our frequently asked questions. If you have any queries or simply want to share your thoughts, please reach out. Let's connect.

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We only serve dinners . Let us know your preferred hour, we will try to make it happen.


Frequently asked questions

Maktub Soundsgood usually takes place on May in Paúl do Mar, at Maktub Pub. You can find the exact location here.

Maktub Soundsgood 2023 Lineup was Akoustic Junkies, Orquestra Bamba Social, BigUp Reggae Tribute, and The Pilinha. To finish the night, Nagga Fire and GUI were in charge of the animation. Follow us on Social Media, where we’ll share all news regarding next year’s Festival.

You can watch past editions Livestream here.


Avenida dos Pescadores Paulenses nº 160,
9370-545 Paúl do Mar


(+351) 915 860 898
Local mobile number


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Prizes for 1st place

  • 2 tickets for Maktub Soundsgood
  • 2 Mojitos inside the Festival

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